ITunes music: step by step to add to the library

If you are a person who can not live without music player and you iPod or iPhone , then do not miss the convenience of organizing your music library in iTunes.

While taking your time, you'll not regret it. You have many alternatives, for example, organize your music by genre, rating your favorite songs or even your favorite albums, compilations and create smart playlists with the criteria you choose, also view your albums by album art, or the fun effect coverflow, as you can see in the picture.

It is the experience of live music otherwise! Bring music that you like on your iPod or iPhone while walking, running or playing sport , so today I'll show you how.

To have your iTunes music library, you must first make sure these 4 things:
  • You must have downloaded and installed the iTunes on your computer.
  • Make sure you have all the music that you will spend the iPod or iPhone to your computer or keep on hand the CDs you want to add.
  • All songs must be in mp3 format or compatible (but first have to convert to this format).
  • Try the labels ID3 of mp3 files are correctly defined, as this is essential for the proper management of your library, as this will help you sort by artist, genre, album and more.

Once ready these four conditions, it starts to add music from your computer to your iTunes library. How? You can do these 4 ways:

Entering music files

In iTunes, it displays the "File" menu and then select the item "Add File to Library". Once you have clicked will open a window where you have to select one or more files you want to add.

Entering music folders
Go to menu "File", and this time select the item "Add Folder to Library" will open a window in which you must select the folder you want to add. If you already have the folders organized in one place, it will be easier, because iTunes will automatically add all files that contain music, but you must do this for each folder you have music.

Drag and drop

You can do any of the previous two steps, dragging and dropping music files or folders with music files in the iTunes playlist. To select more than one file, select the first one and holding down the Ctrl (control), select the other songs to add.

Copying music from CDs

Insert an audio CD (not mp3) on your CD-ROM and select one or more songs from the CD track list and drag them to the library. iTunes will automatically convert the songs so they can be used.

Once done, you have your music library in iTunes, now you just have to verify that your music is being organized properly, if this were not so iTunes has a simple but powerful ID3 tag editor, simply select an item and right click to select "Get Info". With this option, you can add, delete or modify labels.

Finally, you should just sincornizar your iPod or iPhone with iTunes to bring your music wherever you go. I leave this tutorial where you will find step by step how to sync properly.

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