Moneto leads NFC to iPhone and Android handsets

More and more phones that include NFC technology for data transmission between terminals and especially to pay via mobile phone.

But not all terminals now include it which can be a problem since all indications are that it will become a standard widely used in the short term.

That's why DeviceFidelity and Spring Moneto Card Systems have announced a service that is offered in collaboration with MasterCard PayPass and is associated with reloadable prepaid card.

This is a new payment solution that adds functionality to any terminal Android NFC through a microSD card. The card has a radio and antenna NFC encrypted.

Moneto offers a holster and a 4S app for iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3. It is available for $ 79.95 and includes in the price $ 10 preloaded balance.

Cards for Android, will be on sale in two to three weeks for a price of about $ 30. In this case, the cards are inserted into Android device, and are accompanied by an adhesive that sticks NFC on the inside of the housing to improve the signal.

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